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Anita Hill: I Could Vote for Biden in 2020

Anita Hill: I Could Vote for Biden in 2020

Joe Biden was one of the last of the many Democratic nominees to announce they were running for President. Hill roll-out has been strong with polls show him up among Democrats and with a commanding lead over Donald Trump. That is not to say that Biden’s candidacy doesn’t have warts.

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The former Vice-President could potentially have issues with women voters over his treatment of Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearing. During a recent interview with NBC News, Hill said she could still see herself voting for Biden.

Biden was the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee during Thomas’ hearing in 1991. He has been accused of being dismissive to Hill and not protecting her from rough questioning from Republican members.

Earlier this year, Biden acknowledged his role in the hearing, saying, “I wish I could have done something — I opposed Clarence Thomas’s nomination, and I voted against him.”

Hill felt that his apology was somewhat halfhearted, telling the New York Times, “I cannot be satisfied by simply saying, ‘I’m sorry for what happened to you. I will be satisfied when I know that there is real change and real accountability and real purpose.”

Those feelings, however, would not preclude Hill from voting for the candidate. When asked if she could see herself voting for him, she responded, “Of course I could.” Hill continued, “He’s perfectly capable of running for president. I’m not even sure that anything I’ve said has actually hurt Joe Biden’s campaign. He’s still is leading in the polls.”


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