Angry Mob of NYC Grocery Shoppers Chase Away Woman Without Mask

Ever since the CDC recommended wearing face masks out in public during the pandemic some people have refused to wear them. Some states have gone further and made wearing a mask a requirement.  Some have claimed that being made to wear a mask infringes upon their freedoms. Many see this view as selfish. People who do not wear a mask are seen as endangering the public.

This is how many customers at a grocery store in New York felt about a woman who did not wear a mask to shop. New York has become the epicenter of the pandemic and it has many New Yorkers very concerned about the coronavirus. Staten Island is a borough that has been hit especially hard by COVID- 19. It has at least 13,000 infections and almost 1,000 deaths.

A video is going viral showing Shoprite shoppers letting the woman who refused to wear a mask know how they feel. You can hear one shopper yell, “Get out!” at the woman. One shopper does not mince words as they yell  “Get the fuck out of here!”

Some Americans believe that wearing a mask is unnecessary while some Americans actually believe that the virus is a hoax. There have been many protests around the country against lockdown orders and mandates to wear maks. Consequently, many who have protested the safety measures have ended up catching the virus.

As states enter another phase of reopening it will be interesting to see if there are significant spikes in coronavirus cases as people continue to protest.

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