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Angela Merkel Reportedly Says of Trump: “I Don’t Want to Be in the Same Room as the Guy”

Angela Merkel Reportedly Says of Trump: “I Don’t Want to Be in the Same Room as the Guy”

America has long been seen as one of the most, if not the most, important country in the world. The country reached that prominence thanks to its financial success, but also by creating strong, supportive relationships with its allies.

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Those relationships, however, have been under strain during the presidency of Donald Trump. Each year, the G-7 Conference, where the most powerful nations in the world meet, has become the Trump show. According to The New York Times, the leaders of the G-7 nations have grown tired of the President’s antics.

The summit was set to take place in the United States this year. Controversy loomed from the very beginning when Trump attempted to hold the conference at his Doral, Florida golf club. He later relented after heavy criticism.


Trump is now attempting to set up a date for the next conference. While he would like to do so quickly, Coronavirus and other concerns have made that difficult.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declined an invite to hold the conference this year. She had concerns about Trump inviting Vladimir Putin’s and that the President would use the forum to attack China.

According to Brookings Institute senior fellow William Drozdiak, Merkel told French President Emmanuel Macron, “I don’t want to be in the room with the guy.”

Former Obama official Julianne Smith explained, “It all shows just how out of touch Trump is with allies. This is a man isolated at home and abroad. He is trying to find friends in other places, knowing that relations with traditional allies are bad. But there are serious strains even with the authoritarians he admires, like Xi Jinping and even Putin.”

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