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Andrew Yang: This is the Perfect Time to Impelement a 4 Day Work Week

Andrew Yang: This is the Perfect Time to Impelement a 4 Day Work Week

When the Democratic Presidential nominating process started, Andrew Yang was possibly the least known of all the candidates. The entrepreneuer, though, has some really strong ideas that resonated with voters. And many of those ideas was focused on improving the lives of American workers.

Yang, who has been working with the Biden campaign, is interested in how the pandemic has affected the needs of the workplace. During a recent interview with Business Insider, he noted that this could be the perfect time to implement a four day work week.

The former Presidential candidate said of the four day work week, “It would help get us off of this hamster wheel that we’re on right now, where we’re all sort of racing against the clock in service of this giant capital efficiency machine,And the race is driving us all crazy.”

Yang continued:

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“It’s also part of what is making it so hard for so many workers to find a place in our workforce because our entire culture is so efficiency-obsessed that we are replacing workers with machines and software and math. So, to me, a four-day workweek is overdue. It would be immensely helpful to all of us.”

You can read Yang’s full comments here



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