Andrew Yang has Quietly Been Stumping for Joe Biden

The Democratic race for President began with over 20 candidates. One of those candidates that really got voters excited was Andrew Yang. The entrepreneur was especially popular with younger voters and those who had previously voted for Donald Trump.

Yang’s campaign was certainly further to the left than the more Joe Biden. But that doesn’t mean that the two men cant work together. The former candidate endorsed Biden in March and according to Yahoo News, he has quietly been working to get Joe Biden elected.

The former candidate explained to Yahoo, “I’ve been talking to his team about taking on some kind of role in the administration. I’m on the record saying if I can help solve some of the problems I land on, then I’d love to.”

One of Yang’s campaign was most focused on was the effect increased automation could have on the economy. He has been taking the subject up with the former Vice President. “Biden has a particular interest in the impact of automation on jobs,” he said.

The entrepreneur has also fought for a Universal Base Income and feels Biden could help make it a reality.

Yang continued:

“If someone like Joe says, ‘Hey, we need to do things differently on the economy or on climate change,’ that also becomes the mainstream. It’s very powerful. I think Joe has those instincts where he doesn’t try and chime in on every new issue. In part, that will help him move the entire center of gravity. If you look at his proposal on addressing climate change, it was very aggressive and very ambitious, rightfully so, but by being Joe, it becomes the new reasonable.”


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