Andrew Napolitano Slams Trump For Silencing Former Staffers With NDAs

According to Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, President Trump isn’t acting like a president of a “free society” when it comes to silencing his staffers. Instead, Napolitano believes Trump is acting more like one of the “princes in an empire.”

NApolitano Trump Free Speech
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The judge’s comments came on Thursday in response to an arbitration claim made by Trump’s campaign. The claim was made against ex-White House communications aide Cliff Sims. According to the campaign, Sims violated an NDA when he wrote his tell-all book Team of Vipers.

Sims’ lawyers believe the Trump campaign is using the NDA claim to silence the free-speech rights of their client. They issued a lawsuit against Trump Monday in response to Trump’s arbitration claim.

Napolitano took Sims’ side during Thursday’s broadcast of his Fox Nation show¬†Liberty File. Judge Napolitano stated:

“Here is the problem for the president: While the campaign is not subject to the First Amendment, the White House clearly is. Even if Sims did sign an NDA at the White House, the First Amendment prevents the government from enforcing it. And, in fact, several government statutes protect whistleblowers.”

According to the Fox News Analyst, that’s exactly what Cliff Sims is. Napolitano went on to say that the government is not allowed to punish speech for anyone who initially agreed to remain silent. Rather, he believes that the former staffer’s book is part of “that brand of public free speech” that the founding fathers wanted to protect.

Finally, Napolitano stated that he believes Trump may be acting less like a president and more like royalty. He stated, “If presidents can use legal artifices to punish the speech they hate and fear, they’re no longer presidents of a free society. They are princes in an empire.”

Check out Judge Andrew Napolitano’s comments in the video below.

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