Andrew Austin – Disappear

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West Side Story undergoes a gender swap when rival lady gang members brandish switchblades to the beat of some hypnotic vocals. The Dreamers, a gang dressed rough and gritty, draws the violent attention of the So Real Crew. It doesn’t take long before fists are flying just as fast as the hoodlums’ long wavy hair. Their battle takes them from the brightly lit surface and down into a deserted subway platform where the violence only escalates.

Soon after a few rough tussles, the ladies’ aggression transforms into a set of hypnotic dance moves that will make you want to get up and cheer. Toronto based and Sarnia born singer Andrew Austin’s lyrics communicate a frustrating nostalgia that tries desperately to remember music just outside his memory. Combine that with the classic film tropes placed in an unmistakably modern setting and this video is certain to play with the viewer’s own memory. But rest assured, this is one music video that to disappear from the mind anytime soon.

Gary Samson – director / writer / editor
Clint Kendal – producer
Cartilage Inc – production agency
Kiel Milligan – cinematographer
Stephanie Rutherford – choreographer

The Dreamers
Dancers: Kaela Faloon, Vanessa Kirakou, Nneoma Oguejiofo, Tara Langer , Reily Adair , Jesse Morrisson

So Real Crew
Dancers: Lauren Lyn, Jessica Ford, Chantelle Mostacho, Lila Shalev , Shaele, Abott Mcleod , Olivia Port

Nick Bechard – Assistant Director
Romany Kaya Williams – Wardrobe Stylist
Darria Grossi – Hair / Make Up
Tricia Hagoriles – Colour Grading / Alter Ego
Lucas Joseph – Assistant Camera / Exterior
Kris Bonnell – Assistant Camera / Lower Bay Station
Michael Narimalla – Grip
Bob Gundu – Gaffer
Howard Gordon – On Set Photography
Production Assistant : Jill Lefaive, James Findlay, Louisa Pang

Thank You To Andrew Austin And Much Gratitude To Everyone Involved

Produced With The Financial Assistance Of Muchfact – A Division Of Bell Media Inc