Analyst Explains How Trump Was Blindsided by Colorado Ruling [VIDEO]

During a segment on MSNBC on Tuesday night, Hugo Lowell reported that Donald Trump and his campaign team were blindsided by today's decision by the Colorado Supreme Court. 

As of right now, Donald Trump is not eligible to appear on Colorado's ballots in 2024. While Colorado is a solid blue state, this is still a devastating blow to the former President. Katie Phang discussed the story with Lowell. 

The host asked, "As we talked about ... there [are] these pockets of cases that coming up and they are intended and designed to ensure that we don't have another insurrection, another crazy second term with Donald Trump. Is this going to change the litigation calculus, the strategy calculus for Donald Trump now, considering this decision coming out of Colorado?"

Lowell responded, "I can tell you with certainty, according to our sources, Trump and his team didn't anticipate getting removed from the ballot at all. After the district court's decision in Colorado, that kind of left him just off the hook. They thought that would be the end of the road."

The political analyst closed, "I am speculating now, but I assume that the fact that the appeals court has ruled that Trump should be struck off the ballot will come as a surprise. I just texted someone at the campaign and they have not responded to me yet about, you know, kind of what they are thinking."