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[Analysis] Top 11 Jobs for Political Science Majors 

[Analysis] Top 11 Jobs for Political Science Majors 

A major in political science isn’t just for the next generation of politicians. There are a ton of different career paths you can take with this versatile degree. Here are the top 11 jobs for political science majors.

 Policy Analyst 

 This is a great entry-level position for political science majors. It requires an undergraduate degree and experience with policy issues, public opinion research, information gathering/technology, and more. If you excelled in your studies and did some internships, this could be a great choice for you!

Legislative Assistant 

Like policy analysts, legislative assistants need a good understanding of politics and policies as well as excellent communication skills. You’ll be working directly with politicians and their staff to help craft new laws, handle constituent inquiries, and more.

 Public Relations Specialist 

 If you’re interested in getting involved with the public face of an organization, this is a good job for political science majors. You’ll help craft press releases and design ad campaigns to support your client (for example, a local politician).

 Social Media Manager

To become a social media manager, you need to know how to use social media platforms to effectively run a political campaign. This position does require some experience with social media, so keep that in mind when applying. To kickstart your journey as a social media manager, make sure to check out SOCi white label social media management for more information on how you can be a reseller of this great software and make yourself known in this industry. 

Marketing Research Analyst

 This position requires a bachelor’s degree and a strong understanding of market research techniques. You’ll help collect, analyze and report on information about various factors within the company (such as customer demographics, purchasing habits, and more).

 Political Consultant

Political consultants work behind the scenes to support politicians running for office. They help craft strategies and provide campaign advice. You need a bachelor’s degree in political science or another related field and significant experience with political campaigns to qualify for this job.


 An attorney is an obvious choice for political science majors. If you want to be a prosecutor, public defender, or even in-house counsel at a corporation, this degree will help you get there. You’ll need to go to law school and pass the bar in your state before becoming eligible to work as an attorney.

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 Intelligence Analyst

 Intelligence analysts provide information to military and political leaders about what’s happening on the ground. You’ll need security clearance, an undergraduate degree, strong communication skills, and at least one year of work experience. Some positions require additional specialized training or education as well.

 Political Campaign Staff 

 Political campaign staff help candidates win elections. You’ll need to be organized, detail-oriented and good at working under pressure. Some staff members are expected to work long hours with little pay during election season, so you won’t be able to count on free time if you take this job.

 College-Student Leadership and Activities Directors

 This kind of director typically manages student activities and organizations at colleges/universities. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in political science or related area to qualify for this job, plus experience working at an organization, handling budgets, and supervising staff.

 Election Officials

 Election officials ensure that elections are handled properly and fairly. They work for the government at a local, state, or federal level. You’ll need to be well-organized and detail-oriented to become an election official, as you’ll be in charge of a large voting pool. You may also need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this position.

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