Analysis: Donald Trump ‘Was an Idiot to Oppose Mail-In Ballots’, Cost Himself the Election

Donald Trump sabotaged his own reelection chances in 2020 through his delusional crusade against mail-in voting, New Republic columnist Timothy Noah wrote in a Soapbox analysis on Friday.

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There were, of course, a number of reasons that led to the erstwhile commander in chief’s shellacking in the Electoral College and in the national popular vote by President Joe Biden, like his cataclysmic – if not outright homicidal – mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Noah, however, argued that it was Trump’s false and incessant claim that voting by mail leads to fraud which dissuaded or even prevented large swaths of his base from casting a ballot, thus costing him a second term in the White House.

Trump “failed to encourage his base to vote by mail. Only about one-third of Trump voters voted by mail, as compared to nearly 60 percent of Biden voters, according to the Pew Research Center. This makes no sense: If anything, more Trump voters should have voted by mail, because Trump voters were older, and older people were the likeliest age demographic to vote by mail. Trump voters were also whiter, and white people were much more likely to vote by mail than Black people. And Trump voters were richer, and rich people were much more likely to vote by mail than people who weren’t rich,” Noah wrote. “Trump was an idiot to oppose mail-in ballots.”

Noah pointed to Census data which shows that “by disparaging mail-in balloting, Trump dumped all over the voting method used in 2020 by nearly 54 percent of voters aged 65 and older, according to census data. Over-65s were the only age group to cast the majority of its votes by mail. (The other age groups cast only 39 or 40 percent of their votes by mail.),” adding that “in addition to being very old, people who vote Republican are very white. In 2020, Trump won the white vote 58–41 percent, while losing the Black vote 87–12 percent. But a much higher proportion of white people voted by mail (about 43 percent) than Black people (about 35 percent).”

The elderly were not the only demographic whom Trump treated as disposable.

“Rich people tend to vote Republican. In 2020, Trump won voters who earn $100,000, by 54–42 percent. But according to the census data, as voters move up the income scale, they become more likely to vote by mail, not less. Among people making $150,000 and over, almost 48 percent voted by mail—more than any other income group,” Noah explained.

Read Noah’s full analysis here.

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