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Ana Navarro Torches Republicans for Defending Donald Trump’s Voter Fraud Scam

Ana Navarro Torches Republicans for Defending Donald Trump’s Voter Fraud Scam

Ana Navarro, a conservative commentator on ABC’s The View, read Republicans to filth on Wednesday morning for enabling President Donald Trump’s corrupt campaign to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Navarro said that members of the GOP are enabling Trump to run a massive scam on the country, and that unless Republicans stand up to him, he will continue to serve as a wrecking ball to American democracy.

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“Look, the question as to whether it’s going to be over on January 20 once [President-Elect] Joe Biden is sworn in – the answer is no, because this is the big steal, the art of the steal, the big grift, the big corruption, the big ruse,” Navarro said of Trump’s failing coup. “Remember that he has raised, Trump and his PACs have raised over $200 million from gullible supporters since the election. They’re now, like, on over 50 losses, legal losses related to the election.”

Trump’s nonstop insistance that the election was rigged “is nothing but a ruse to continue lining his coffers and stroking his bruised ego,” Navarro continued.

Navarro put the onus on Republicans to do the right thing and shut Trump down.

“I call on Republicans. I know so many of these Republican Congresspeople and Senators. They know better. They know this is a lie,” said Navarro. “They are playing stupid, and they are playing along because they are afraid of this man. It’s time to step up and stop it,” she said.

Navarro wondered how bad things need to get before Republicans decide to grow a backbone and give the boot to Trump, whose brainwashed supporters are threatening to commit violence because they are unwilling to accept that Trump lost.

“People are getting threatening messages in Georgia, in Michigan, racist messages. Is it going to take somebody getting hurt? Is it going to take somebody getting killed for Republicans to stand up and tell Donald Trump that it is over, and that democracy should be put on top of a party, on top of a president and certainly over Donald Trump,” Navarro asked her cohosts.

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The GOP’s complicity is “shameful,” said Navarro. “What a disgraceful, disgraceful period in American history this is.”

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Forty-two days until the election.

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