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Ana Navarro on Goya CEO Unanue: “He’s Become the My Pillow Guy of Frijoles”

Ana Navarro on Goya CEO Unanue: “He’s Become the My Pillow Guy of Frijoles”

There are certainly many CEO’s around the country who support Republicans. When it comes to Donald Trump, though, few are willing to do so publicly.

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There is Mike Lindell, of course. But the pillow magnate has suffered for his support and conspiracy theories. Lindell is currently being sued by Dominion voting systems for $1.6 billion.

Goya CEO Robert Unanue has also been a public backer of Trump. He stance has hurt his company and led to a number of boycotts. Despite a censure from his own company, Unanue has continued to push election lies. Speaking about the CEO last night on CNN, Ana Navarro-Cardenas referred to him as the “My Pillow Guy of frijoles.”

Navarro told Don Lemon, “My reaction to Robert Unanue, is a guy who won the birthing lottery. That’s how he has his position. The board of Goya, which includes a lot of hired relatives I assume, told him no more talking about politics. He said he wasn’t going to do it and then we see him show up at CPAC to continue reading the big lie.”

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The pundit continued:

“Why is it a problem for people like me? Because,  look, he’s not there cause of his pretty face. Or because of his brilliance or because of his elected office. He’s there because he’s the CEO of a very successful company that has been made successful by people like me buying his croquetas, his tamales, and his frijoles. And he has go on to become the MyPillow guy of frijoles negros and it is incredibly offensive that after what we saw January 6th, this man would use that platform, given by people like me who’ve been buying his food to spread the big lie that caused injury and death on January 6th.


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