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An intelligence expert says Trump is acting like ‘someone who knows their caught’

An intelligence expert says Trump is acting like ‘someone who knows their caught’

On Saturday’s episode of MSNBC’s AM Joy host Joy Reid tackled President Trump‘s unproven accusations that Barack Obama wiretapped his apartment at Trump Tower before the 2016 election.

The panel included intelligence expert Malcolm Nance who brought up the fact that there are at least five members of Trump’s inner circle who we now know were talking to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

“In your view, what does this mean?” Reid asked Nance.

“All this goes back to the fundamental question,” Nance replied. “Which has not been answered which there appears to be a lot of dissimilation going on in order not to answer this question: Why? Why were these people in communication with Moscow, or the representatives of Moscow, at all?”

“They seem to have a vested interest in Moscow,” Nance continued. “And in my world that only comes down to one of two things: Money or espionage.”

When asked about Trump’s wiretapping accusations, Nance had this to say: “We do not even do that the way he probably thinks from ‘The Sopranos’ where we’re actually running a wire and putting bugs into his office.”

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“This is very dangerous,” Nance added. “Because the people who would be tasked, in Justice, if there are any questions coming from the White House starting today, anytime in the foreseeable future, in how they actually do collections, in means, they’re preparing for a coverup. … This is what happens when a target starts getting buggy because he knows that he’s caught.”

Here’s the full segment:

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