Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence Pair up for Project

The always funny and sarcastic Amy Schumer is teaming up with Hollywood’s one and only Jennifer Lawrence for a movie that will be sure to have you literally laughing out loud. The two seem to be a budding pair of comedians, reminiscent of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The story behind them meeting each other is right out of an awkward romantic comedy. After Lawrence saw Trainwreck, Schumer’s film, she reached out to her about how much she loved the movie and Schumer herself. “I emailed her after I saw Trainwreck and said, ‘I don’t know where to get started, I guess I should just say it: I’m in love with you,’” Lawrence told the New York Times. She then continued and said that the two went from emailing to texting.

It’s like they were meant to cross paths. Lawrence let loose that they are almost done writing a new movie that they will star in as sisters. The Hunger Games actress believes she and Schumer were created to make great comedic magic together. “Amy and I were creatively made for each other,” she said. Although they are both very different from each other when it comes to their artistic skills, they have found a way to blend their styles together in an entertaining way. “It’s been the most fun experience of my life. We start the day off on the phone, laughing. And then we send each other pages and we crack up.”

Lawrence is out promoting the final Hunger Games film and has also recently wrapped up shooting for X-Men Apocalypse. In case you missed it, there have been a few Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 posters floating around. One pictures Katniss standing on top of a dilapidated statue of President Snow, surrounded by her fellow rebels. Lawrence will also be reprising her role as Mystique in X-Men Apocalypse. It has been reported that the film will explore Mystique’s relationship with Magneto and Beast. Sounds like there may be a love triangle going on there.

With the script still in progress, who knows when we will actually see the movie starring two of the funniest women in Hollywood, but I’m sure it will break box office records. Are you excited to see Schumer and Lawrence in a movie together?