Amy Kremer Plans Another Gathering Just Like the One She Planned on Jan 6th

Amy Kremer is completely obsessed with Donald Trump, and she’ll do anything to stay in his good graces. Kremer’s organization, Women For America First, planned the “Save America” rally that immediately preceded the attack on the Capitol, and she continued to push the Big Lie on Twitter, to the point that she was locked out of her account for a week (full disclosure: upon her reinstatement, she immediately blocked me).

Now Kremer has employed the middle school tactic of using a boy’s favorite girl to get closer to that boy. New Trump darling Marjorie Taylor Greene has agreed to appear with Kremer at a “summit” that seems to have been created solely to boost Dear Leader’s ego and spending at his ailing Doral Resort. They’ve come up with a really original name for it: the “Save America Summit”, which will supposedly focus on issues from “big tech and censorship” to the First and Second Amendments, as well as “election integrity”.

The four-day event starts April 8 and coincides with a Republican National Committee donor retreat 75 miles to the north in Palm Beach, where Trump is hosting his appearance at the RNC meeting at his own Mar-a-Lago country club. It is unclear whether he will be appearing at Kremer’s event at his golf resort in Doral. Kremer is selling “general admission” tickets, which include golf and spa discounts as well as a swag bag, for $500, not including hotel rooms. A “Diamond package” goes for $5,000 and includes access to VIPs, with Greene among them.

Kremer is currently under investigation by both the FEC and the FBI for her role in the January 6th insurrection.




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