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Amy Klobuchar Takes Shots at Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Amy Klobuchar Takes Shots at Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

The Democratic nomination race began with over 20 candidates. The next Democratic debate on October 15th will feature 12 of those candidates. The remaining contenders, while all liberal, vary wildly in which policies are most important to them.

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Amy Klobuchar, a lawmaker from Minnesota, could be seen as more of a centrist Democrat. While appearing on Bill Maher’s show this weekend, the senator took a shot at left-leaning candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Sanders and Warren are popular candidates who have typically ran in the top 3 of national polls. Maher asked Klobuchar how she differs from the two senators.

“Obviously this is a fight between two wings of the party, which is almost every election,” said the host. “There is a center left wing, you are plenty liberal, you are plenty progressive, and then there’s a far left, which I think would be represented by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Are they too left? Is Elizabeth Warren too far left to get elected in a general election?”

Klobuchar responded, “Again, I want to win big, and if someone is looking to kick 149 million Americans off their current health insurance in 4 years, then I’m not your candidate.”

The Minnesota senator continued, “If you want to use a bunch of hard-working people’s money to send rich people’s kids to college, for free, then I’m not your candidate. And just because people say ideas are bold doesn’t mean they are bold, they may be bad.”

You can watch a clip of Maher’s interview with Klobuchar here, courtesy of HBO:



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