Amir Morovat – Emotions of Tomorrow

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Sit down for a sad tale with the lead singer in the opening of “Ehsas-e-Fardamoon” or “Emotions of Tomorrow” by Amir Morovat. As the violin starts to play, the animated images on the screen of the movie theater show a man standing alone as the lyrics tell of a failing relationship that he doesn’t want to end. However, the cold, lonely imagery continues, and he tells his love that he’s afraid for her to leave him, but it seems like it is inevitable because “I see love in your eyes/ but your hands are frosted”. It seems like a losing battle he is fighting to keep her with him, and the lilting violin riffs throughout the piece really play to this haunting, sad melody. In the end, she is running through the forest, as if trying to get to him, and he is on top of a mountain, alone and it looks like he is going to jump off. In the end it comes off as a very striking, if depressing piece.

Video by: Sam Pictures Productions