Ameriie: ‘Out Loud’ Single Review

Ameriie, formerly known as Amerie, may be one of the most underrated singers in the R&B scene. After crafting four solid albums, each containing sonically cohesive yet different sounds and some moderately successful singles (Who wasn’t in love with “One Thing” back in the early 2000s?), Ameriie is finally back! This time, with a single that is on par with what she was releasing before she took a break to find her sound, or get married; honestly, I’m not sure what took her so long, but I’m glad she’s back, and I’m ready to dig into her latest single.

Out Loud” is her first release of 2015. Produced by Rich Harrison (the man who also helped create her biggest hit, “One Thing”), the drum-driven bop has the team returning to familiar territory with some aggressive percussion and Ameriie’s classic smooth vocals. Ameriie wants to live it up on her latest single, and the song matches the energy of dancing the night away in a club with maybe one too many drinks. I love how Ameriie commands the catchy chorus as she declares, “Going to early morning / We not falling off.”

Ameriie’s last single release was in 2014, when she released the equally sexy yet less compelling “Mustang.” I haven’t truly enjoyed Ameriie’s music since her last album, In Love & Warcame out back in 2009. Even then, I only liked a few tracks from that album. The previous album, Because I Love It, really showcased Ameriie at her best, and that one definitely didn’t get the attention it deserved. There are a few R&B artists that never seem to get past a hit song or a few successful albums, but I have high hopes that Ameriie’s has done the unexpected on her upcoming releases.

With artists like The Weeknd, Tinashe, Janelle Monae and FKA Twigs proving that you don’t have to follow what was popular twenty years ago to make it in R&B music, Ameriie is in the prime time to put out experimental music that could fair well with different audiences. If “Out Loud” is Ameriie’s true return to the charts, then expect to hear two albums she’s been working on since 2011 later this year. BILI is the follow-up to her 2007 release, Because I Love It, and I’m definitely excited to hear her on some more soulful records.

Because I Love It contains some of Ameriie’s best work, and the album still sounds fresh today (Check out “Hate2LoveU”, “Some Like It” and “That’s What U R” to hear Ameriie’s potential). On the other end of the spectrum is Cymatika Vol. 1, which is said to be “aggressive and heavy in percussion.” I think this album is the one that Ameriie really wanted to create but couldn’t because of the lack of creativity in music that sold when she was popular.

It’ll be interesting to hear what she’s been cooking up. In the meantime, I think I’ll add “Out Loud” to a playlist and hope that this single is the one that gets Ameriie back on track. We’re in an age where you don’t need a major label or huge hit to make successful music, but consistency is key. Ameriie needs to claim her spot and prove that she’s ready to keep it this time.