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Americans want more investigations into Trump’s Russia involvement

Americans want more investigations into Trump’s Russia involvement

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President Donald Trump needs to be investigated along with all of his administrators, according to several polls that asked Americans if they think the Russia election issues should be closed or continue with further investigations.

The poll was released after Trump said an investigation into his inner campaign circle and Russian officials was nothing more than a “witch hunt.”

While the average American is still confused by the investigation, respondents said they believe the Trump campaign still has questions to answer.

Polls have shown that a large portion of the public doesn’t believe Trump has done anything illegal. However, they still believe that his close relationship with Russia needs to be further investigated.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released this week asked Americans if they believe that Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin is “too friendly” or not.

The poll found that 38% of respondents believe the Trump-Putin relationship is “too friendly” and 29% said it wasn’t too friendly. The rest of respondents didn’t have an opinion one way or another.

When asked about the Trump-Russia issue, far fewer Americans are undecided than they were months early. Just over one-third (38%) of respondents said Trump as too friendly with the Russian leader, up from 31% a month earlier.

Nearly two-thirds of Democrats feel Trump is too friendly with Putin while only half (52%) of Republicans feel he isn’t too friendly with Putin. Independents are also shifting to a “too friendly” vote (35%).

A Gallup survey last month found that 35% of Republicans had a favorable opinion of Russia while only 16% of Democrats shared the same opinion.

In February, a Quinnipiac University poll found that 70% of voters thought Trump viewed Putin favorably.

When asked about the importance of investigating Trump’s alleged ties to Russian, 47% of voters said his involvement was “very important.” Another 18% said it is “somewhat important.” On the Democrat front, 9 out of 10 voters called it either very or somewhat important. On the flip side, 35% of Republicans agreed. , Nearly two-thirds (63%) of independent voters said it was very or somewhat important.

As expected, 40% of Republicans said it isn’t important at all.

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On the other hand, when compared in relation to other important issues, the Gallup poll found that Americans on average cared less about the Russian connection then they did about the economy, education, and other issues.

In the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, majorities said Congress should investigate both whether or not there was contact between Russian officials and individuals in Trump’s campaign (53%) and whether the Russian government interfered with the election (54%).

Even with more investigations requested only 20% of voters in a McClatchy-Marist poll last month said they thought Trump has done something illegal. Just over 1/4th (28%) thought Trump acted legally but was unethical in his actions.

At the same time, 82% of GOP voters think Trump has done anything wrong while 2% of Republicans thought Trump acted illegally and 7% believe he acted unethically.

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