Americans Upset When Don Jr. Called Joe Biden A Pedophile

Donald Trump Jr. has angered a lot of Americans by calling Joe Biden a pedophile.  Don Jr. sent out the tweet on Saturday and there was immediate backlash. Don Jr. later said that he was joking around ina separate tweet. The original tweet has since been deleted. In the second tweet, Don Jr. explained, “1. The 3 emojis in the caption should indicate to anyone with a scintilla of common sense that I’m joking around. 2. If the media doesn’t want people mocking & making jokes about how creepy Joe is, then maybe he should stop the unwanted touching & keep his hands to himself?”


This comes after Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a video showing Trump Sr. slapping former President Barack Obama which many called racist.  Don jr. often tweets a lot of criticism at his Father’s opponents and he does not seem to be slowing down.

Many Americans were quick to point out that Donald Trump Sr. has been accused by many women of sexual assault. Some have also brought up the “Access Hollywood tape” that recorded Donald Trump Sr. exclaiming that he can grab a woman by her vagina and get away with it.

It is important to point out that Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault by former senate staffer, Tara Reade. She claims the assault happened in 1993. With both Biden and Trump standing accused of sexual assault the heat between the two may rise. Only time will tell if mudslinging of this kind will continue as we get closer to November.

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