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Americans Back ‘Medicare For All’ When They’re Promised They Can Keep Their Doctors

Americans Back ‘Medicare For All’ When They’re Promised They Can Keep Their Doctors

Polls abound about whether or not Americans might support a single-payer healthcare system, sometimes referred to “Medicare for All.” But a new poll has put a twist to those who insist Americans don’t want such a system at all.

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A majority of Americans (55 percent) say that they’d support a Medicare for All system of health coverage, if it could guarantee they get to keep their same doctor, according to a Morning Consult poll released on Tuesday.

Independents saw a huge shift when presented with the question, the poll also found. When just asked if they’d back Medicare for All, only 42 percent said they’d support such a plan. But when presented with the idea of Medicare for All with a promise that they could keep or choose their own doctors, 56 percent of independent voters supported the move.

Support for a Medicare for All system of health care was uniformly low among Republicans, whether they could keep their doctor or not. Twenty-seven percent supported the idea of Medicare for All, and remained unmoved (26 percent) when the promise of keeping a preferred doctor was offered.


Many have been critical of the idea of Medicare for All, including President Donald Trump, who wrote a USA Today op-ed in October last year deriding plans by some Democrats in Congress to introduce legislation in favor of the plan. Trump lambasted such a proposal by stating it would cost $32.6 trillion over 10 years.

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As an NPR fact-check of the president’s op-ed pointed out, however, the cost cited by him would actually be $2 trillion less than current projections of the system we presently have.

Medicare for All once had an unlikely proponent in Trump himself, however, if reporting from Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury” is to be believed. Trump supposedly asked his aides, Wolff said, “why can’t Medicare simply cover everybody?” seemingly unaware that Medicare for All was a tenet that Republicans generally were against, shortly after he was elected president, NBC News reported.

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