American Manufacturing Organization Invents Award to Give to Ivanka Trump

When her father won the presidency in 2016, Ivanka Trump was made a Senior Adviser. She was also given a number of different initiatives. One of these responsibilities was to help the country to create jobs.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

While the President has bragged about the amount of jobs his daughter has created, the numbers don’t come close to adding up. One organization, however, is impressed with the job the first daughter has done. The National Association of Manufacturers has specifically created an award just for her.

In a press release, NAM President Jay Timmons wrote:

“Ivanka Trump embodies the collaborative spirit and relentless drive needed to solve manufacturers’ most pressing challenge—the workforce crisis. Like no one in government has ever done, she has provided singular leadership and shown an unwavering commitment to modern manufacturing in America. The Alexander Hamilton Award honors leaders who have made exceptional contributions to growing manufacturing in the United States and to empowering more Americans with high-tech, high-paying modern manufacturing jobs.”

The wording of that press release will be confusing to many. Ivanka Trump formerly ran her own fashion line, though the company closed shop in 2018.

The business was severely criticized for its reliance on foreign manufacturing labor. Trump herself was accused of not doing more to help working conditions in those factories.  Li Qiang, founder of China Labor Watch, said of Trump in 2018, “As a public figure, she has the ability and resources to not only work on labor conditions at her own brand’s factories, but also to help improve labor conditions of the global supply chain as a whole. However, she did not use her influence to do these things.”

The President’s daughter will receive her award on February 12th.

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