American Cancer Society Checks Trump on Cancer Reduction Claims

The rate of cancer deaths in the country are going down and that’s an amazing thing. There are a variety of reasons for the downturn including more scientific research and people better understanding cancer risk factors.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

This week, however, Donald Trump claimed that the positive effect had something to do with his administration. The American Cancer Society recently put out a statement that showed the rate was going down long before Trump and that there are things he can do to ensure continued improvement.

On Tuesday morning, the President tweeted, “U.S. Cancer Death Rate Lowest In Recorded History! A lot of good news coming out of this Administration.”

That brag prompted a response from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network’s Gary Reedy. He wrote, “Since taking office, the president has signed multiple spending bills that have included increases in funding for cancer research at the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute—though the impact of those increases are not reflected in the data contained in this report.”

The spokesman also noted that the President can help to improve the mortality rate by creating more access to healthcare.

Reedy continued, “The administration has an opportunity to significantly impact future declines in both cancer incidence and mortality by increasing access to comprehensive health care, supporting robust and sustained increases in federal funding for cancer research and passing and implementing evidence-based tobacco control.”

The White House has yet to respond to the statement from the American Cancer Society.

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