American Airlines Said Masks Were Required And Then They Weren’t

Passengers flying American Airlines felt betrayed and mistreated by the airline giant while flying over Memorial Day weekend. The passengers’ anger is stemming from the airline’s lack of safety, in regards to, the coronavirus.

According to one passenger, Tony Scott, the AA app said that all passengers would be required to wear a mask to fly. This made Scott and other passengers feel safe enough to travel by plane. However, much to Mr. Scott’s dismay he was told a different story once he boarded the plane. Tony realized something was amiss when he was seated next to someone who was not wearing a mask. Scott informed the flight attended about what he thought was a violation, however, the attendant told Scott that the mask was optional.

According to Scott, “The attendant later returned saying masks were mandatory, but not for kids. This was a 16-17-year-old caucasian girl. I explained that I’m in the HIGH-RISK category as an African-American male with asthma and other health issues. No other accommodation was offered.” This did not sit well with Mr. Scott and other passengers. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with the airline. Mr. Scott intentionally purchased a first-class ticket in the hopes that he would have even additional safety and space.

The problem for American Airlines is that their website clearly states that all passengers will be required to wear a mask. The policy was set to take effect on May 11.  There is even a video explaining the policy. A statement from AA reads in part, “The American Airlines team continues to prioritize the safety of our customers and team members, and requiring a face covering is one more way we can protect those on our aircraft. We ask customers to bring their own masks or face coverings they’re comfortable with when they travel. American is working to procure face masks and hand sanitizer as a supplement.”

In a later tweet, Tony Scott said that he is still waiting for someone from the airline to contact him, but as of the writing of this article, all that was offered by the airline on Scott’s Twitter feed saying, this:


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