Amazon Admits Some Employees Actually Do Use Bottles Instead of Bathrooms

Amazon has apologized to a US lawmaker after falsely denying that some of its drivers are forced at times to urinate in plastic bottles. The Twitter war began last week with a tweet from Mark Pocan, a Democrat from Wisconsin.

“Paying workers $15/hr doesn’t make you a ‘progressive workplace’ when you union-bust & make workers urinate in water bottles,” Pocan tweeted, in an apparent reference to Amazon’s opposition to efforts to unionize a major facility in Alabama. Amazon’s official account quickly responded, saying: “You don’t really believe the peeing in bottles thing, do you? If that were true, nobody would work for us.”

The Amazon News account replied to Pocan with the kind of internet bravado that comes back to bite the user all too often.

Several news media outlets and plenty of Twitter users then shared the stories of numerous Amazon employees who said they had, in fact, been left with little choice but to use plastic bottles.

With so many people sharing their experiences, it was only a matter of time before Amazon was forced to respond. The company incorporated the age-old tactic of releasing a statement during a slower online traffic time when people might be otherwise occupied by sleeping, or busy with family over the Easter weekend in the hopes it might get buried along with the eggs.

In their statement, Amazon apologized to Rep. Pocan and take responsibility for the truth, which is that some of their drivers “can and do have trouble finding restrooms because of traffic or sometimes rural routes, and this has been especially the case during Covid when many public restrooms have been closed” and therefore have had to get creative.

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