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Amazing Video Released of Woman Driving Through Flames for 2 Minutes in California

Amazing Video Released of Woman Driving Through Flames for 2 Minutes in California

A California woman captured two minutes of video footage from the Woolsey Fire in Malibu, California and she did so in the most dramatic fashion.

Rebecca Hackett was attempting to flee the fire when she turned on her camera and filmed as she spent two minutes driving directly through the wildfire’s flames.

Hackett was driving down Kanan Road on Friday as she left White Cloud Ranch, where her horses are housed.

“I felt the strongest wind I ever felt in my life. The fire came so quickly. One minute it was calm and then suddenly they were on top of us, so we had to evacuate,” she told ABC 13.

Here’s the dramatic footage which Hackett posted on Instagram. Rebecca drives directly through the flames after passing through the tunnel.


Despite her strong belief that she was about to die, Hackett escaped from the flames and was able to post her video while wishing everyone in the area a safe escape from the wildfire.

She later posted a thank you note on Instagram. Still recovering from viciously high winds and smoke inhalation, Hackett is seen wearing a surgical mask while wrapped in a blanket.

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At the time of writing this story, three people have lost their lives in the Woolsey fire and more than 200,000 people in the Malibu mountains and foothills have been displaced.

The LA County Sheriff’s department shared Hackett’s video on Twitter to remind residents how fast wildfires can spread. “This very graphic video shows the dangers of a fast-moving fire and how important it is to leave affected areas after fire officials declare an evacuation order,” the tweet reads.

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