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Alyssa Milano Blasted For Her Support of Marianne Williamson

Alyssa Milano Blasted For Her Support of Marianne Williamson

Thanks to her performance during the first Democratic debates, author and lecturer Marianne Williamson had gone viral. The news wasn’t all good for the spiritual figure, though, as she was widely mocked for her unusual ideas.

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Actress Alyssa Milano has become an important figure in the resistance movement against Donald Trump and his presidency. The former Who’s the Boss star, though, faced a furious reaction after she announced she was attending a Williamson fundraiser.

Milano discussed about her support for the candidate and announced that she would soon appear on her podcast. The actress tweeted, “I’m going to my first fundraiser of the election cycle and it’s for Marianne Williamson. I know. I know. But she’s the only candidate talking about the collective, soulful ache of the nation & I think that’s an important discussion to have. Look for her soon on Sorry, Not Sorry.” 

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Her followers were quick to point out some of the more troubling aspects of Williamson’s ideas. Healthcare Activist, Charles Gaba, replied, “I usually admire your activism and I respect you greatly, but it’s my understanding that Williamson is an antivaxxer, or at the very least she promotes them. I can’t support that.”

Erin Biba, a science journalist, wrote to the actress, “You’re supporting a woman who had told other women that depression and, specifically, post partum depression is all in their heads and should not be treated with medication.”
Biba also tweeted, “You’re supporting a woman who has fat shamed other women and told them that overweight women lack spiritual intelligence.”
Currently, Milano’s tweet is in ratio status with 3,900 likes, 530 retweets and 5,400 comments.
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