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Alysin Camerota Savages Donald Trump’s Supporters as ‘Delusional and Untethered to Reality’

Alysin Camerota Savages Donald Trump’s Supporters as ‘Delusional and Untethered to Reality’

CNN anchor Alysin Camerota excoriated the violent factions among President Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters, condemning them for devolving into a “bloodthirsty mob” that is “delusional and untethered from reality” on Monday’s edition of New Day.

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“I want to take the notion that we need to listen to Trump supporters who are somehow being silenced or censored. In the hour at the U.S. Capitol, President Trump told his supporters, ‘Make your voices heard.’ Let me show you some of the very special people he wants us to hear from,” Camerota began.

“For instance, take this wise shaman, the guy wearing the badger pelt, and face band,” Camerota said. “This is a prominent Qanon crackpot and long-time Trump supporter. He was taken into custody on Saturday, charged with violent entry into the U.S. Capitol. This morning, I am very hard-pressed to see what this mad minotaur has to teach us.”

She continued, singling out the more extreme acts committed by the Traitors for Trump hoards:

How about this guy? He left a nasty note in Nancy Pelosi’s office and stole some of her mail. I guess he didn’t know that’s a federal crime. I’m not sure we should take any pointers from him. Are we supposed to listen to members of this bloodthirsty mob beating people with bats and clubs?

For the record, I don’t think the arsonists that caused vandalism in Portland and other cities this summer should be listened to either, and I don’t see any political leaders saying they should be. The violent mob that descended on the Capitol had their chance to have a say on Wednesday. Hundreds of journalists with cameras were positioned along the protest group to capture the rioters’ feelings and anger. But instead of speaking out peacefully, they broke windows, they scaled walls. They entered, carried a Confederate flag into the Capitol rotunda. They defecated in the halls of the U.S. Capitol and they killed a police officer.

Camerota noted that as a journalist, she has always encouraged listening to both sides of a political issue:

If you are a regular watcher of New Day, you know that for the past five years we put together voter panels with dozens of Trump supporters, for the express purpose of listening to their feelings and motivation. I’ve always believed in hearing and understanding all sides.

But the problem with listening to Trump supporters today versus four years ago is how many of them have become delusional and untethered from reality. According to Reuters, 68% believe the 2020 election was, quote, ‘rigged and stolen,’ despite the dozens of Trump-appointed judges and Republican secretaries of state who tell them otherwise. 37% of Trump supporters believe the Qanon conspiracy theory that a ring of satanic pedophiles has taken over the U.S. government.

But last week’s attack on the Capitol was different because it was premised almost entirely on Trump’s insidious lies, Camerota added:

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I still believe in hearing all sides, except the crazy, violent side. If you are someone who keeps falling for these lies, you have also lost your right to be heard. By the way, there are also three networks and dozens of online sites devoted almost exclusively to amplify President Trump’s nonsense.

Meanwhile, Camerota insisted that “Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Mo Brooks and anyone else that thinks that somehow Trump supporters have been silenced” is a charlatan.

“We’ve heard them loudly and clearly for four years and their words led to an armed insurrection. We don’t need to listen to the madness anymore,” Camerota concluded.

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

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