Alt-Right Figure Baked Alaska Broke Terms of His Release To Go To Washington DC. Scottsdale Prosecutors Now Want To Throw Him in Jail.

There were a number of faceless white supremacists at last week’s rally in Washington DC. There were also a number of figures who have become infamous on the internet thanks to their antics. One of those figures is Anthime Joseph Gionet, who also goes by Baked Alaska.

Image Via Screenshot

Gionet was arrested in Arizona back in for macing a bouncer who threw him out of a bar for refusing to wear a mask. The alt-righter was released on the condition that he would not leave the state. With video of Baked Alaska at the Capitol now emerging, prosecutors are claiming that he has violated the terms of his release and should be thrown in jail.

The Phoenix New Times reports, “Gionet was released without bail, but Scottsdale prosecutors said in a filing Friday that a condition of release was that he stay in the state of Arizona and continue to follow the law. They’re asking a judge to revoke his release for violating those clauses.”

City spokesperson Kelly says, “The city prosecutor’s office became aware of his presence at the Capitol, reviewed his release conditions, and determined that he had violated them.”

Gionet will not only face legal jeopardy for his actions in Arizona. Trespassing in the US Capitol is also a crime and the white supremacist is likely to face federal charges as well.


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