Alina Habba: I Wouldn't Be Trump's Lawyer if I Wasn't Pretty

During a recent appearance on the PBD Podcast, Trump lawyer Alina Habba claimed that her looks are more important than her qualifications. 

Donald Trump has a significant portion of his business and political career in a courtroom. And many of the lawyers that represented him have realized he's not an ideal client. Trump not only can't help himself from saying damaging things, he also has a reputation of not paying the people he hires. 

One of Trump's most recent lawyers is Alina Habba, a telegenic representative with questionable credentials. Talking to Brian Callan, she remarked, "I don’t think I’d be on T.V. or sitting here if I didn’t look the way I look. It doesn’t hurt to be good-looking."

The host Callen then asked, "How much of you being an attractive, smart, do you think played into that?"

After noting that it is better to be pretty than smart because she can fake being smart, Habba continued, "When you’re good looking, that’s great. People think that President Trump hired me because I’m good looking. That is absolutely not the case."