Ali Alexander Wants to Build a MAGA Mega City Where 10 Million Trump Supporters Would Live

Ali Alexander was one of the organizers of Donald Trump’s Stop the Steal rally. Obviously, the rally did not have the result Alexander and his supporters had hoped for.

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Joe Biden is the American president now. Donald Trump is facing an impeachment trial and will soon be facing legal jeopardy in Georgia and New York. So Alexander has another idea for his followers. He wants to create MAGA Mega City where 10 million Trump supporters will live.

In a video posted on social media, Alexander said to his supporrters, “Let’s seriously build our own city. A backup city in South America. Let’s all of us put 10% of all of our holdings. Take it out of the US system and put it overseas. Everything will be used towards building alternatives for you and for me. That’s it, the rest of society can go to hell by itself. But you and me and our families, were gonna live free no matter what. And no one’s going to control what we say. No one’s gonna say, ‘oh Ali, you can’t do giant protests anymore because they get co-opted. Screw you, screw you.”

He continued, “Ali Alexander, dissident, patriot question mark. How ’bout we start going after these motherf*ckers the way should be going after them. Conservatism has failed, ok. Small government, whatever thing, mostly has failed. All of that stuff has failed. We have to fight for survival. And I mean that ok, I mean that. They’re not going to make me eat my words.”

Watch a video of Alexander’s plea below:



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