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Ali Alexander Says He’ll Comply With Jan 6th Select Committee Subpoena Because He Doesn’t Want to Go to Jail

Ali Alexander Says He’ll Comply With Jan 6th Select Committee Subpoena Because He Doesn’t Want to Go to Jail

For someone who grew his following by showcasing a lot of bravado, Ali Alexander certainly folded fairly fast when the House Select Committee sent him a subpoena regarding his role in planning the January 6th insurrection. Alexander announced on Saturday that he will fully comply with their request, because he believes his cooperation will prevent him from suffering any legal consequences such as jail time.

Alexander, who calls himself the “founder” of Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” movement, often bragged that the January 6th Capitol riot was his idea, and shared posts where he boasted about conversations with key Republican members of Congress and his relationships with White House staffers, members of the Trump family, and Trump himself.

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Speaking in front of a poster of singer Johnny Cash flashing the middle finger (quick aside: Johnny Cash would probably have wanted to take care of Alexander with his guitar and I don’t mean by singing to him), Alexander added that he respects his “fellow patriots” who are defying the committee but called it “an expensive right,” claiming that it would cost him between $250,000 and $500,000 to fight the subpoena.

“The only reason I’m going is that I don’t want to go to jail,” he added. “So under the threat of imprisonment and spending tens and tens and tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers, I will be privately deposed before this committee in December, and I will make public whatever I can.”

“I frankly don’t have that money to spend on legal bills, so for this unselect committee, I will actually be privately deposed in December,” Alexander said. “I’ve asked to make it public testimony. They won’t cooperate with that request.”

That seems backwards, as Committee members have promised televised hearings, but why would Alexander be truthful at this point?

Alexander’s group was also working in tandem with Amy Kremer and her daughter, Kylie Jane Kremer, of Women For America First. Text messages between Kremer’s staff and Alexander showed tensions between the two groups as the rally was beginning. The two began turning on each other over the summer as scrutiny from the Select Committee intensified.

In the caption accompanying the video, Alexander wrote that he plans to submit to the committee “photographic and video evidence of agitators sabotaging his January 6th peaceful protests.” Referring to himself in the third person, Alexander wrote: “He will also present evidence to the Committee that President Trump was betrayed by someone in his inner circle. Someone made the decision to take instructions for patriots out of the Ellipse Rally. Ali says he’s not backing down and the Democrat Committee has already threatened to imprison him.”

If you can sit through the Qrazy, here’s Alexander’s entire video.

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