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Alex Jones: Trump Gets My Transcripts, I Don’t Know If He Reads Them

Alex Jones: Trump Gets My Transcripts, I Don’t Know If He Reads Them

Donald Trump gets Alex Jones transcripts but may not read them

Alex Jones, who just days ago attacked Donald Trump, saying that the President or the United States is “like an old person” for choosing actual news networks over what Jones calls ‘alternative media outlets,’ is now boasting that Trump enjoys his show so much, he asks for the transcripts.

Jones says he does send copies of the transcripts to Trump but admits he doesn’t know if they’re being read.

Alex Jones, who uses his Infowars site to peddle conspiracy theories so extreme that he actually denies believing them himself. For instance, the notion that certain school shootings are faked, with child actors, in order to promote gun control. In divorce court, when his crazy conspiracy theories were mentioned, Jones said he just ‘plays a character’ on his show. However, Trump reportedly has been influenced by some of these stories, and once appeared on Jones’ call-in show, where he praised Jones’ reputation.

Last year, when John Kelly took the position of White House Chief of Staff, Axios reported that he was moving to keep Trump from being influenced by these stories, and began to review every document that reached the president’s desk. This would include Infowars articles.

However, Right-Wing Watch reports that Jones doesn’t believe this measure is keeping his alternative news site from Trump’s view. Speaking on his show this week, Jones boasted.

I know a lot of what we talk about here does get to the president in the form of reports. I’ll leave it at that. They send him transcripts. He asks for it.

In context, Jones was trying to hint to his guest, Larry Klayman, that he could reach Trump through Infowars — that advice he gave on the show would effectively make it to the President.

Klayman took the bait, suggesting that Trump should order Grand Juries to investigate Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, former FBI director James Comey, former CIA director John Brennan, former director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and Barack Obama.

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Jones and Klayman proceed to agree that Donald Trump’s lawyers are ‘paralyzing’ him, giving him bad advice and that to proceed with investigations of this lengthy list of political entities who have opposed Trump or tried to hold him accountable would be a typical and normal response from a president.

Klayman, incidentally, makes the SPLC‘s Extremist List, as a “pathologically litigious attorney and professional gadfly.” His more dangerous gambits include declaring that the people should exercise Second Amendment rights to remove ‘government goons,’ and telling followers to demand Obama “put the Koran down and come out with his hands up.”

Despite his claims that Klayman’s unfollowable advice would reach the president, Alex Jones admits he doesn’t have any reason to believe Trump actually reads his transcripts.

I can tell you that he gets reports. I don’t know if he reads them all.

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