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Alex Jones Threatens To Reveal “How Pathetic Trump Is” If Ex-Pres Doesn’t Take Back Vaccine Support

Alex Jones Threatens To Reveal “How Pathetic Trump Is” If Ex-Pres Doesn’t Take Back Vaccine Support

Donald Trump is always playing 4D chess, according to his supporters, always too smart for everyone else and so, so many steps ahead. Well, one of his more vocal supporters, right-wing conspiracy radio host Alex Jones, is now saying he’ll reveal just how false that is, because he’s so upset that the former president has spoken in nominal support of COVID-19 vaccinations.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – APRIL 25: Alex Jones attends a protest outside the Texas State Capitol during a rally calling for the reopening of Austin and Texas on April 25, 2020 in Austin, Texas. Governor Greg Abbott has said he is consulting with medical professionals to create a plan to safely reopen the state of Texas and is expected to make an announcement in the coming days. (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Donald Trump downplayed that pandemic and initially kept his own vaccination secret, but lately he’s come forward to tell supporters that they (and he) should be taking (getting) the credit for the vaccines, and as an extension of that, even stopped Candace Owens mid-disinformation, not allowing her to promote an anti-vax conspiracy theory to an audience.

Alex Jones is not liking this, and he’s lashed out at Trump for it repeatedly on his far-right conspiracy network — such as below on his Christmas Day show.

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Now he’s going even farther though, threatening on Wednesday that he will reveal everything he knows about Trump, according to the Daily Beast‘s Zachary Petrizzo, who monitors and reports on Jones’ on-air behavior, saving the general public from sitting through hours of Jones’ rants and raves in order to be informed.

“Just to get Trump’s attention,” Jones threatened, “Maybe I should just dish all the dirt—you know what, you know what—I am going to dish it all on Trump next hour.”

Jones has a lot of really big feelings about COVID-19 vaccination, which he’s claimed on his show and social media is a ‘depopulation weapon’ and ‘lethal.’

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