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Alex Jones Thinks Trump May be Getting Blackmailed Into Promoting Vaccines [VIDEO]

Alex Jones Thinks Trump May be Getting Blackmailed Into Promoting Vaccines [VIDEO]

Donald Trump really liked being president and would like to run for reelection again in 2024. Unfortunately for Trump, many of his supporters have chosen not to get vaccinated against COVID-19. That certainly risks their chances of dying before the election.

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So this week, Trump began getting more aggressive in pushing vaccines. Of course, this has led to plenty of backlash. Alex Jones, who said that Trump has joined the New World Order, is particularly upset. During a recent radio show, Jones wondered if the former president was being blackmailed into promoting the shots.

During an interview, former Trump supporter Alison Steinberg told the host, “I think more people need to wake up to the fact that he is not actually on our side anymore.”

“I have to agree,” Jones replied. “I mean, do you think he’s being blackmailed or is he being pigheaded? What do you think is happening?”

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The host later continued:

“I want to be a million percent clear: I’m not trying to curry favor with the Jan. 6 committee. I told them to go to hell. Or with the Democrats, I hope they burn in hell. It’s watching Trump join them and Biden defend them. It’s just too much. Everybody I know that used to support Trump is really mad at him. He’s really, basically, committing political suicide in front of us all, in my view.”

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