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Alex Jones: The Kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s Dogs is a False Flag Operation

Alex Jones: The Kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s Dogs is a False Flag Operation

There is no story, no matter how horrifying, that Alex Jones can’t make into a conspiracy theory. The worst example, of course, is Jones’ calling the Sandy Hook massacre a false flag operation. He was sued over that claim and was deplatformed from a number of social media channels as a result.

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And while some of Jones’ conspiracy theories are offensive, others are just purely ridiculous. On Friday, the Infowars host opined that the recent kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s dogs is yet another example of a false flag.

“I don’t buy any of it,” Jones told viewers. “And I have said over and over again, I would look for false flags to happen. L.A.’s so dangerous, it’s probably just thugs or criminals doing a dog-jacking operation.”

The conspiracy theorist continued, “But when you look at all the sick stuff she’s into, and all the weird spirit cooking and the occultism and the rest of it — I would say, is this a false flag to give her attention and make her look like a victim and to get major news coverage of the stupid Oreo cookies that do have one of the international symbols of pedophilia on the cookies.”

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The musician issued a statement about the kidnapping today, saying, “My beloved dogs Koji and Gustav were taken in Hollywood two nights ago. My heart is sick and I am praying my family will be whole again with an act of kindness. I will pay $500,000 for their safe return.”

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