Alex Jones Says The White House Asked him to go to Arizona

After days of counting votes, the fight for the White House has come down to 4 states. The Associated Press and Fox News called Arizona for Donald Trump on Tuesday night. Other networks have waiting to make a call as it is still statistically possible for Trump to pull it out.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The president certainly has a lot of supporters in Arizona. And those people have come out in force, often rallying in front of the Maricopa County election’s center. Among them is Alex Jones. The famed conspiracy theory said yesterday that he was asked to be there by the White House.

Jones, who is most famous for his lies about the Sandy Hook massacre, has a relationship with the president. Trump appeared on Jones’ show InfoWars in 2015. Following his election win, the radio host said, “Trump and I have talked several times since the election — about freedom and our common goal to destroy our enemies.”

On Friday, Jones said that “some of the folks at the White House,” asked him to go to Arizona. He also claimed that he had spoken to “the highest levels of the White House.”

Jones also incited violence, saying, “You think they’re attempt to steal this election is a defeat for us? This will only awaken the sleeping giant. If they’re even able to remove Trump, that will make their defeat much worse down the road. They better pray they fail, because they are conjuring the sleeping giant that will destroy them if they are successful in the first phase.”



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