Alex Jones Leaked Video: Conspiracy Host Wishes He Never Met Donald Trump

Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist who has propagated such dangerous lies as Pizzagate and school shooting denials, told an interviewer that he wished he’d never met Donald Trump — back in 2019. Now the video has been released, showing Jones insisting he’s sick of Trump — two years before he joined the efforts to overturn the presidential election.

Alex Jones conspiracy theorist says he wishes he didn't meet trump
[Phot Credit: Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images]

Alex Jones and his conspiracy network, InfoWars, have been connected to the rallies and protests that turned to an insurrection attempt on January 6th. Now leaked video, seen below via Southern Poverty Law Center, shows him saying repeatedly to an interviewer that he’s “sick of” the former president (still in office at the time of the recording) and that he wishes he’d never met Trump.

The video contains explicit language so please use caution in viewing.

The video is reportedly from January 2019 — a year before Trump’s first impeachment, and two years before he would try to rally supporters and overturn the election he lost.

Despite these feelings, Jones hosted Trump on his network, as Haaretz reports, before the 2016 election, and took credit for Trump’s depiction of the media as “enemy of the people.”

His words and rhetoric have also been linked to the Capitol riot, Frontline reports.He posted on his website the night before the attack that “globalists” had “tried to steal this election in front of everyone,” and called for an fight to stop the “tyranny.”

He would later claim that he and Trump were both being unfairly blamed for the attack, claiming that the Secret Service set them up.

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