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Alex Jones: Fact-Checkers ‘Run Rings Around’ Donald Trump And Matt Gaetz ‘Licks Globalist Booty’

Alex Jones: Fact-Checkers ‘Run Rings Around’ Donald Trump And Matt Gaetz ‘Licks Globalist Booty’

Conspiracy media peddler Alex Jones — yes, promoter of the Pizzagate conspiracy that resulted in a gunman appearing at a pizza parlor to save sex-trafficked kids from a basement that didn’t exist, the same guy who says that he doesn’t believe the ideas he promotes on his website and radio show, but is just playing a character — now says that Donald Trump is falling victim to fact-checkers, who are able to “run rings around” the president.

Jones never goes so far as to suggest that this is due to the number of false statements Trump makes, instead attributing this to the fact that Trump doesn’t go on ‘alternative media outlets’ (presumably such as his own show) enough. Bonus: Jones says that a Republican who did go on his show, and regretted it, is just “licking globalist booty.”

Right-Wing Watch caught Alex Jones, of InfoWars, in a display of aggression toward Republican Representative Matt Gaetz on Tuesday, and, while Jones has reportedly been heaping criticism (and by ‘criticism’ I mean lines like “you look like a possum ate a pile of crap”) on Gaetz, Tuesday’s tirade spilled over to also attack the President, who much of Jones’ viewing audience supports.

In the (language warning; may be offensive to some viewers) video below, taken from¬†Right-Wing Watch, Jones lashes out at Gaetz, saying that the Republican’s regret for appearing on Jones’ show is evidence the representative is “licking globalist booty.”

He quickly transfers his ire to Trump, who he says is “supposed to be a maverick,” but instead is “like some old person who loves the horse-and-buggy carts in 1915 when the Model T comes out.”

Apparently referring to fact-checkers, Jones throws a line into the rambling speech about what he refers to as:

…people who take [Trump’s] speeches and put them out and counter stuff in real time…

After diverting to tell Trump that automobiles have been invented, Jones returns to the topic to add,

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These people are running rings around you.

Last year, NPR reported that Alex Jones was forced to apologize after a gunman showed up at a pizza parlor, operating on false information promoted by Jones’ InfoWars, and Time reports that he claimed (during his divorce proceedings) that the conspiracies he promotes on his website and show are just a character he plays.

Despite this, according to New Yorker, Trump has appeared on Alex Jones’ show, calling his reputation ‘amazing,’ and Jones says 90% of his listening audience supports Trump. It’s at least a bit divergent from Alex Jones’ usual narrative to admit that Trump is keeping fact-checkers busy, and far more so to suggest they’re beating him — even if it is only because he feels Trump is snubbing his show.

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