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Alex Jones Efforts To Dodge Sandy Hook Culpability Rejected By Texas Supreme Court

Alex Jones Efforts To Dodge Sandy Hook Culpability Rejected By Texas Supreme Court

In 2012, Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut became the site of a jarring and horrifying mass murder of young schoolchildren. The nation was shaken. President Barack Obama couldn’t keep from crying as he addressed America, promising to fight to prevent another such tragedy. Alex Jones told his followers that it was all a lie.

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Alex Jones spread to his base of conspiracy believers that the mass murder was a ‘false flag’ — that the children seen leaving the school after the shooting, and the grieving family members, were all ‘crisis actors.’ The false notion that this was all staged by the government in order to justify gun control legislation. Bereaved parents were harassed by individuals who believed they were chess pieces in a plot to degrade the Second Amendment.

First Amendment Watch has followed the various lawsuits arising from Jones’ actions, and his efforts to dodge culpability, including the spiral of additional repercussions, such as sanctions for threatening an attorney representing some of the families.

Now, Jones’ most recent effort to have the cases dismissed has made it to the Texas Supreme Court, after an appeals court rejected the motion to dismiss in March of 2020. Jones claimed that free speech rights protected him, and sought dismissal on those grounds.

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He appealed again to the Texas Supreme Court, which on Friday also rejected him, according to the Statesman. The court also opened the door for an additional defamation lawsuit from a man whose photo was posted on Jones InfoWars website connected to another school shooting, in 2018 in Parkland Florida. The man in the photo was not the shooter, and InfoWars issued no retraction or apology for falsely connecting him to it.

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