Alec Baldwin Returns As Donald Trump For A Final Time

Saturday Night Live had its season finale Saturday and it was grand. SNL tends to pull out all the stops for its finales and this one was no different. The sketch comedy show managed to pull off a hilarious affair despite all of the cast still confined to their respective homes.  The SNL from home episodes have been star studded, including, Brad pitt as Dr. Fauci, and cast alumni like Kirsten Wig.

This Saturday saw the return of Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump. The sketch was a Zoom graduation, in which, “Trump” gave the commencement speech.  Baldwin sported a “Make America Great Again” hat for the occasion. Alec Baldwin’s Trump told the students, “I’m so honored to be your vale-dictator.” He went on to say, “But today’s not about me. It’s about you. Although I should spend a little time on me first because I’ve been treated very poorly, even worse than they treated Lincoln.”  Trump recently expressed to supporters at a town hall that he feels he is treated worse than the assassinated President Lincoln.

“You’re actually lucky to be graduating right now there are so many exciting new jobs out there, like grocery store bouncer, cam-girl, porch pirate, amateur nurse, and coal,” Trump continued. “Don’t forget about coal. It’s in the ground, and you just dig down and grab it,” he continued. One of the students shouted, “We want Fauci.” “Trump” responded, “Sure, everyone loves Fauci. And don’t you hate when these elite medical experts tell you what to do?” “Trump” then downed some bleach and exclaimed, “Good old invincibility juice.”

“Look, I’m going to be honest with you guys. I know this is hard. So I’m going to give you some real advice,” “Trump” continued. “Believe in yourselves and you can achieve anything. Look at me. I started as the son of a simple wealthy slumlord and grew to become a billionaire, a president, and the world’s leading expert on infectious diseases.”

Alec Baldwin then broke character to say that this might be it for him playing the character. He said, “And taped from my home, one last time, It’s Saturday Night Live.”

The real President Trump probably will not be happy with the sketch. Twitter awaits his response.

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