Alarm Bells Ringing Over Pompeo’s Dinners Bank Rolled By Tax Payers

Alarm bells are sounding after it came to light that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been hosting elites at taxpayers’ expense. The guests have been Billionaire CEOs, Supreme Court Justices, and ambassadors. The elite guests would arrive at the State Department after the workday concluded and would use an unknown elevator to meet Sec. Pompeo.

The events came to be known as the “Madison Dinners” and took place up until the coronavirus caused them to stop. The dinners were unknown to the public and began in 2018. Pompeo’s wife, Susan Pompeo, also participated in the secret dinners.

Some State Department staffers voiced their concerns about the lavish affairs for using government money to help Pompeo gain the political capital he needs for future endeavors. Personal contact information would be gathered, such as phone numbers and email addresses. The information would then be stored onto the personal email address of Susan Pompeo.

NBC News uncovered that Mike Pompeo arranged at least twelve of these lavish affairs since 2018. NBC was also able to get a hold of the guestlist for the MAdison Dinners. The guest list has 500 names on it, however, NBC cannot confirm if all guests on the list actually attended the dinners.  29 percent of the guests invited were from the private sector, according to an analysis of the list. Most of the 29 percent were from the media and entertainment industry with conservative media being the most represented.

People from politics and government represented 30 percent of the invited guests and another 14 percent comprised of diplomats and officials from foreign nations. According to NBC, more Madison Dinners were planned before the pandemic took hold.

This news shows that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has big future plans for himself. One has to wonder how far he will go to realize his ambitions.

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