‘Alan Weisselberg knows everything. Trump will resign,’ Says Art of the Deal Author Tony Schwartz

The President of the United States is in more legal jeopardy right now than any other American president in 44 years. Following President Trump’s longtime attorney Michael Cohen pleading guilty to campaign finance violations, while implicating the President himself in those crimes, Mr. Trump has begun to consider the fact that he may be impeached.

Today, yet another shoe has dropped, as longtime Trump Organization CFO Alan Weisselberg has been reportedly granted immunity by prosecutors in New York. Weisselberg is arguably the one person who knows more about President Trump and his finances than Michael Cohen does, and one man who used to be very close to the President himself, Tony Schwartz, exemplified this in a tweet.

“The other shoe has dropped — the smoking gun equivalent to Nixon’s tapes. Alan Weisselberg knows everything. Trump will resign as I always assumed. Only matter of time now,” said Schwartz, the author of Trump’s best seller, ‘The Art of the Deal’.

Words like these, coming from a man like Schwartz, who had incredibly tight ties with Mr. Trump for years, seems quite damning to the president. Whether he actually will resign any time soon is yet to be seen, but the pressure appears to be mounting as the president’s closest allies are turning on him day after day.

Weisselberg not only handled the Trump Organization’s finances, but he also prepared Trump’s tax returns, managed his private trust, and was the treasurer of his questionable charity.

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