Alan Dershowitz Tweets Elaborate Denials Of Allegations Regarding Epstein Connections, Sex Abuse

For much of the past month, Alan Dershowitz’s Twitter account has served almost solely as a vehicle for responding to allegations regarding his connections to Jeffrey Epstein. Since he was implicated by accounts given in the Netflix documentary Filthy Rich, Dershowitz has attacked the character of the accusers, defended the recently arrested Ghislaine Maxwell, and called for his accusers to be imprisoned. Now, he says he hopes that Epstein did, as rumored, record video of the men who victimized young girls in his home, because he claims such video evidence — or lack thereof — will exonerate him.

Alan Dershowitz believes Epstein Videos exonerate him
[Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images for Hulu]

In a Sunday tweet, Dershowitch suggested that, if there are indeed videos of men abusing young girls in Epstein’s home, this will prove Dershowitz’s innocence, since he won’t appear in them. Twitter users responded with skepticism, pointing out that the attorney could know that the videos were destroyed, and that lack of video evidence isn’t exoneration.

Notably, Dershowitz previously attacked an accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre who says that he had sex with her 6 times while she was a minor, saying that she isn’t a credible witness because she’s a prostitute. When a WPLG Local 10 interviewers asks if it’s appropriate to call a 15-year-old who is being coerced into sex by adults a ‘prostitute,’ Dershowitz stood by the attack, and insisted the teenager made her own decisions. He also admitted being given a massage at Epstein’s mansion, but says he kept his underwear on, and that if underaged girls were giving massages, he wasn’t aware.

In tweets last month, he reiterated his attacks on Giuffre, again calling her a “serial liar,” and saying that she should go to prison for making up false allegations.

He’s also claimed that his wife’s name on Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs for trips to his private island is further proof of his innocence. Twitter users also responded quickly to disavow the notion that his wife’s presence is exoneration.

Jeffrey Epstein’s associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested this week and charged for her role, in which she stands accused of helping Epstein procure, groom, and abuse a string of underaged victims. Dershowitz responded with an op-ed in Spectator defending Maxwell:

Like every other arrested person, she must be presumed innocent. Many in the public however, will presume her guilty because of the portrayal of her in the Netflix series about Jeffrey Epstein. But no one should believe anything they saw in that series, because it was based largely on the accounts of two women with histories of making dubious accusations.

Maxwell’s arrest could mean the continued pursuit of justice for victims who may have thought their cases had hit a dead end with Jeffrey Epstein’s death in prison last August.

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