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Alan Dershowitz Says He Voted For Joe Biden

Alan Dershowitz Says He Voted For Joe Biden

Attorney Alan Dershowitz represented Donald Trump in his first impeachment trial and has other connections with the former president, but he’s just revealed something Trump would likely see as a betrayal: he voted for Joe Biden, and considers himself a liberal Democrat.

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 29: In this screenshot taken from a Senate Television webcast, legal counsel for President Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz answers a question from a senator during impeachment proceedings in the Senate chamber at the U.S. Capitol on January 29, 2020 in Washington, DC. Senators have 16 hours to submit written questions to the House managers and the President’s defense team. (Photo by Senate Television via Getty Images)

In the Newsmax clip below, Dershowitz describes himself as a liberal Democrat, and says that he voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Dershowitz’s political affiliation isn’t really a revelation — in 2008, he supported Barack Obama, and authored a HuffPost opinion piece explaining how he could support both Obama and Israel.

“As I travel around university campuses both in the United States and abroad, I see radical academics trying to present Israel as the darling of the right and anathema to the left. As a liberal supporter of Israel, I try to combat that false image. Nothing could help more in this important effort to shore up liberal support for Israel than the election of a liberal president who strongly supports Israel and who is admired by liberals throughout the world. That is among the important reasons why I support Barack Obama for president.”

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Still, last year, Above The Law published a story about Dershowitz’s sharp jerk to the right — colorfully describing him as “unsatisfied with just becoming a Republican, going back in time to be a Republican all along.” The story cites Dershowitz’s Fox News appearances supporting Trump, and his regret of his second vote for Barack Obama.

Regardless of his historical political affiliation, the attorney has become strongly associated with Trump, who makes it very clear he prizes loyalty and unflagging support above all other qualities. In fact, Newsweek reported in 2019 that Dershowitz had said he could enthusiastically support Biden over Trump.

So, Dershowitz voting for Biden may not come as a total shock to anyone who has been paying attention to his politics all along — but it might be for Donald Trump, after seeing his support throughout his first campaign.

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