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Alan Dershowitz Defends His Client Jeffrey Epstein’s Plea Deal

Alan Dershowitz Defends His Client Jeffrey Epstein’s Plea Deal

Following Jeffrey Epstein’s weekend arrest, attention turned back to a plea deal he cut in Florida back in 2008. The billionaire was given an incredibly lenient sentence for the crimes he admitted too, serving just a total of 13 months in prison.

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Epstein was defended in the case by renowned lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, who is now a frequent guest on cable news networks. Dershowitz appeared on CBS this morning to defend the deal and claimed he would represent Epstein in the same way he did then.

The lawyer made his case:

“They made a deal, and for them it was not a bad deal. They got him to be a registered sex offender to pay vast amounts of money to all the women, and to get him to plead and go to jail, and expose him for the world to see as a sex offender. I think the feds thought it was the best they could do.” 

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Dershowitz also claimed by that he was taken aback by the allegations made against his client. “No. Oh, no. If I had ever seen Jeffrey Epstein in any inappropriate situation with an underage girl, I would’ve terminated my relationship and turned him in. No way,” said the lawyer. “We were shocked by the allegations, but as a criminal lawyer, being shocked by an allegation doesn’t mean that I won’t defend somebody,” he said

The US Attorney who struck the plea deal with Dershowitz is now the US Secretary of Labor. Many Democratic lawmakers have called for Acosta to resign.

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