AG Bill Barr Thinks The US Is Being Threatened By ‘Totalitarian Progressives’

Speaking to an audience full of Chistofascists and professional hate-mongers at the National Religious Broadcasters’ 2020 Christian media convention last Wednesday in Nashville, President Trump’s personal attorney (and sometimes Attorney General) William Barr said that we live in a time when religion is “being driven from the public square” by intolerant secularists.

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Hilariously enough,  Barr blamed the country’s intensely polarized politics on courts that have fostered a policy of “official hostility” toward religion and “militant” and “totalitarian” progressives who he said are pursuing a policy agenda that is “aggressively collectivist, socialist and explicitly revolutionary.”

According to Barr, this progressive vision “propels a form of totalitarian democracy, which seeks to submerge the individual in a collectivist agenda.” The prophet for that vision, he said, was 18th Century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and its first fruit was the French Revolution.

“While most everyone agrees that we must have separation of church and state, this does not require that we drive religion from the public square and affirmatively use government power to promote a culture of disbelief,” Barr said.

Sorry, but this is the exact behavior of MAGA Trump fanboys and right-wingers.

One of the more insufferable aspects fo the Trump presidency has been how decidedly evil bullies perpetually play the victim. Worse yet, how they can constantly abuse power and disregard checks and balances while simultaneously claiming that it’s the “other side” who is breaking the law.

Barr has been one of the worst offenders. After personally intervening in the Roger Stone case for Trump, Barr has angered both moderates and liberals alike with his total disregard for maintaining a fair and independent Justice Department.

Featured image credit: Office of Public Affairs/Flickr

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