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After Steve Bannon Indictment, Video Circulates Linking Him To 1/6 Violence

After Steve Bannon Indictment, Video Circulates Linking Him To 1/6 Violence

A Congressional Committee formed to investigate the January 6th attack subpoenaed Steve Bannon as a witness, and he failed to appear. Now he’s been indicted by the Department of Justice for ignoring the subpoena, and the MAGA crowd is crying persecution. However, another conversation is exactly what Bannon might know that made him so unwilling to testify he’d risk criminal charges to avoid it.

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A video that’s been circulating on social media is getting renewed attention in the wake of Bannon’s indictment. It’s a compilation of clips from his War Room podcast, taken from episodes before January 6th, in which he appears to promise that something big is going to happen that day, and that afterwards, Donald Trump will remain in office for a second term.

“President Trump’s presidency — his first term’s ending with action, and his second term is going to start with a bang,” Bannon promises in one segment.

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“We’re all going to converge on that point on the 6th,” he declares in another. “We’re all going to converge there. We’ve just got to impose our will.”

“We’re hurtling towards a huge event on January 6th. We’re hurtling towards — it’s going to be complicated, and it’s going to be nasty. Nothing could be more turbulent than what’s going on this week,” he says at another point, describing the upcoming event as “towards how the Republic fell and became a totalitarian empire.”

The Select Committee is specifically looking into whether Donald Trump and those in his inner circle — like Bannon — knew of the attack in advance, and who was involved in its planning.

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