After Senate Slowdown In COVID Aid, #MitchMcConnellHatesAmericans Trends

Mitch McConnell still refuses to allow the Senate an opportunity to vote on a standalone bill that would increase stimulus payouts from $600 to $2k. However, with Democrats and Donald Trump alike rooting for the larger checks, the Senate Majority Leader seems to be, well, in the minority. On social media, taxpayers are making it clear they’re not happy.

[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

Speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday, as Americans waited for their government to agree to refund a significant portion of their tax dollars to those whose lives have been impacted by the pandemic, McConnell declared that he would not be rushed into approving “more and more money into the hands of Democrats’ rich friends that don’t need the help.”

The bill with the title shortened to “CASH act” (Caring for Americans with Supplemental Help Act of 2020) can be read here, but it’s a very short piece of legislation that in essence, says passage of this bill increases the maximum stimulus check amount for an individual from $600 to $2k, and for a couple from $1,200 to $4k.

“…is amended by striking $600 each place it appears and inserting $2,000, and by striking $1,200 each place it appears and inserting $4,000.”

The bill goes on to address some other language in the original, such as changing “qualifying child” to “dependent” but doesn’t seem to have any provisions regarding “wealthy friends of Democrats.”

Frustrated taxpayers turned to Twitter, and #MitchMcConnellhatesAmericans began to trend.

Senator McConnell briefly seemed to support COVID-19 relief, with the Georgia elections approaching and his position as Majority Leader on the line, but is now tying further relief to a few of Trump’s current obsessions, including punishing social media for putting disclaimers on his false tweets, and fighting to delegitimize the election outcome.

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