After Publicity, Trump Administration Changes Deportation Plans For Kids Detained In Hotel

Donald Trump’s administration has agreed not to deport a group of minors under emergency pandemic rules, after their story was shared widely on social media. A hotel in Texas said it would no longer accept government contracts for rooms that would be used to detain minors for expedited deportation after a video went viral showing an attorney being prevented from reaching said children. Now the Trump administration says it will act on existing laws, rather than emergency provisions, and the children will not be removed from the country.

Donald Trump administration won't deport hotel-detained kids
[Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images]

Over the weekend we reported that civil rights groups were fighting for a group of children being held in a hotel in Austin Texas. As the video went viral, the public called for action, both from the hotel and the government. Hampton Inns & Suites stated that they had not realized the rooms were being used for this purpose, and that they were asking the feds to leave, and would not accept similar bookings again.

Now, the Trump administration is also responding, according to Newsweek. In response to legal filings, the administration said the children would be processed under existing U.S. Code, rather than be subjected to expedited deportation.

However, the case is far from over, as the Texas Civil Rights Commission — who, along with the ACLU, filed the case — pointed out in a statement.

While this group of children will now be processed under normal immigration procedures for unaccompanied minors, the civil rights organizations say that other sites like this still exist, and other children and families are still facing similar deportation procedures.

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